Nereus plans to evolve the protocol over several phases. The initial launch will be a trusted mechanism to provide returns for protocol users by offering dynamic APR followed by fixed APR rates. The intention is to attract a large number of users and maximise liquidity. This active user base will allow Nereus to develop participatory governance models in line with the ever-changing DeFi landscape, engaging with its community to develop the exact model that will be used.
Dynamic APR – Nereus will launch with variable APRs based on Staking and Locking, aimed at providing users with flexibility and high-yield returns.
Fixed Rate APR – Fixed rates of return widen the appeal of the protocol for the next billion users of Web 3.0 (typically less DeFi and more risk averse) to stake and lock with the comfort of fixed returns.
Innovative Governance – A new, participatory governance structure, voted for by users, defined by input from the existing community of users.
Synthetic Tokens – A further evolution of DeFi by leveraging synthetic tokens, maximising opportunities and return-potential for Nereus users.
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