Retail and institutional users
Many DeFi protocols are initially conceived as retail-only products, which are later extended to institutions. As institutions and businesses show increased interest in DeFi, there is a need to provide compliant and secure solutions to match such customers’ requirements. AAVE ARC, a permissioned market for institutions, is one such example which is addressing this demand. The Nereus protocol is designed to provide permissioned markets for institutions from conception. This unique approach will immediately increase the target audience for fixed and variable products.
Institutional access to Nereus will possibly be in partnership with Wirex’s ‘Wirex Pro’ product. Wirex Pro will facilitate business onboarding, transaction monitoring and dispute resolution, while Nereus will provide liquidity and protocol access.
As a combined offering, Nereus protocol and Wirex Pro offer several unique features to institutions:
  • Secure institutional access to DeFi protocols (Wirex Pro)
  • Network participants onboarding (KYC/KYB) (Wirex Pro)
  • Variable & fixed yield products (Nereus protocol)
  • Transaction AML screening and ongoing monitoring (Wirex Pro)
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