Proven track record in DeFi

As Wirex alumni, our experience, reputation, and credibility are well-established. Many years associated with the global growth of Wirex has given us insights into the strengths and limitations of the fiat and crypto regulatory landscapes. Our desire to work independently of Wirex on the Nereus protocol is built on a belief that, free from fiat currency legacy obligations, we’ll be empowered to build a metaverse-ready product. In the long term, we believe that legacy regulatory bodies will co-opt and adapt to Web 3.0 – but this journey may take several years and may lack global consensus. By creating a protocol that sits within DeFi, participants wishing to innovate ahead of such convergence will have immediate access to the benefits of the Nereus protocol. Establishing the protocol with a Wirex partnership will ensure that access via fiat currency rails will be streamlined by the Wirex ecosystem of products such as the Wirex Token (WXT), Wirex Wallet, and Wirex Pro. Nereus will remain independent of Wirex, and will actively encourage participation and integration with relevant DeFi partners.