Staking and locking

How does staking work within Nereus?

Staking is recognised as a crucial facet of maintaining liquidity, loyalty, and rewarding participants. Nereus will offer an attractive reward to those that stake WXT within the protocol. Staked funds may be withdrawn at any time, and no penalties will apply.

How does locking work within Nereus?

Locking occurs within Nereus when liquidity is locked in a time-lock smart contract. Nereus has opted for a three-month lock up period. It will not be possible to terminate a lock early once the contract is executed. This will be rewarded by dispersing the early-vesting penalty fees, and all users with locked funds will benefit from this incentive, after the three-month period.

Nereus rewards - summary

When you borrow or lend with Nereus
  • Nereus will pay rewards, which are locked up for three months. Should you choose to claim these rewards any time before the three-month lock up, a penalty of 75% will apply.
  • Rewards will be paid in WXT.
  • All penalty fees accrued from early-claiming users will be re-distributed permanently to users locking WXT.
When you lock funds with Nereus
  • Smart contracts locking funds will be undertaken on a weekly basis. The week-long period will be automated applied from Wednesday midnight (00.00 GMT) until the following Tuesday at 23.59 GMT.
  • Release of locked funds will also be based on the weekly smart contract lock-in, released three months later.
  • Once funds are locked within Nereus, it will not be possible to break the contract early.
  • WXT rewards earned for locking funds within Nereus will be redeemable at any time and no penalties will apply withdrawing rewards.