Team & Multisig

The Nereus team consists of a core group of crypto & DeFi natives, with many years’ experience building one of the world’s most well-known crypto-friendly apps, Wirex. Having built code for an app that has been regulated in some of the world’s most financially mature markets, our team has strong credibility within both mainstream and DeFi spheres. Nereus will subject itself to the typical trust-building expectations for a new protocol, such as peer-reviews and audited codebase.
Having built similar systems at Wirex, there is a shared experience of working to some of the world’s highest regulatory standards. To underwrite our independence from Wirex - and to reassure users of our high standards of security -we’ll adhere to several transparent rules, including time-locking our smart contracts, sharing the address of such contracts in a transparent way, maintaining easy access for our community of users, and consulting with our community regarding any changes to these rules. Nereus will actively encourage scrutiny and audit by its users to maintain these standards for all transactions associated with time-locked contracts.
Like any nascent technology, there are inherent risks; however, Nereus will engage in active, continuous dialogue with our community to mitigate these. By building a participatory governance system, working with established partners and creating minimal barriers to access the protocol, our aims are to permanently establish Nereus as safe, secure and reliable for all its users.


The Nereus multisig is a 3/5 safe with non custodial admin rights over the Nereus protocol.
The multisig address: 0xdD3dE3B819EDD3a014fDA93868d7Dfc873341467