Staking Curve-LP tokens

NXUSD-3CRV pool on Curve

Getting NXUSD-3CRV LP tokens

1. Visit Curve NXUSD-3CRV pool and connect your wallet.
2. Enter token amounts and click Deposit. Note that you can any combination of NXUSD, DAI.e, USDC.e, USDT.e tokens
4. You receive NXUSD-3CRV LP tokens
You can add them you your wallet (Wirex Wallet or Metamask) using token contract address

Staking LP tokens

To start staking your NXUSD-3CRV LP tokens for WXT rewards, all you need to do is deposit your LP tokens to the Nereus Protocol. When you stake NXUSD-3CRV LP tokens, you will begin earning WXT token rewards.
  1. 1.
    Visit Nereus Staking section
2. Click Stake NXUSD-3CRV 3. Enter amount of LP tokens to stake
4. Click Stake and confirm transaction in your wallet (Wirex Wallet or Metamask)

Your balance and rewards

Top section shows Your Balance of staked LP tokens, share of skating rewards, daily/weekly revenue.
Staked - The amount of LP tokens you have staked in the LP staking contract. Share - Your share of staking rewards. Daily/Weekly/Monthly/yearly Revenue - Your revenue earned from staking tokens for a corresponding time period. Earned WXT - The amount of WXT rewards you have accumulated since the last Vest.

Vesting WXT rewards

Once you have earned WXT rewards for staking LP tokens you can collect them by clicking Vest button in top-right section. Note: WXT rewards are accumulated every second.

Withdrawing WXT rewards

Withdrawal process for LP tokens consist of 2 steps: Vesting unclaimed rewards and Withdrawing LP tokens.
  1. 1.
    Click Vest & Unstake next to your LP token balance.
2. Click Vest and Confirm transaction in your wallet to collect unclaimed rewards.
3. Click Proceed to unstaking (once previous transaction is confirmed on blockchain)
4. Enter amount of LP tokens and click Unstake. Confirm transaction in your wallet.