Lending/Borrowing farm


Nereus Finance offers some of the most generous farming on Avalanche right now. Users can earn WXT rewards by lending or borrowing funds on Nereus Protocol.

Interest and rewards

Two numbers in Deposit/Borrow column represent interest earned/paid in-kind and amount of WXT rewards.
Top number (6.69%) - The % earned in-kind. For example, all AVAX deposits earn 6.69% (annually) in AVAX. Note that for loans this number will be negative, because interest is paid rather than earned.
Bottom number (32.51%) - The % of earned WXT rewards. AVAX deposits earn 32.51% in WXT in addition to in-kind interest.
Total number of earned in-kind and WXT rewards can be calculating by summing these 2 numbers. For example above it will be ~39.2%.


Please use the following how-to articles for step-by-step process for depositing and borrowing.